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About can help you understand grief and work through some of the difficult issues you may be facing. has been developed by a team of national and international grief experts together with people who have experienced significant loss in their own lives (see Who developed It is not meant to replace professional counselling or other health care services.

Is there a charge for using is free to Canadian users. A small fee of $25 USD is levied on out-of-country residents. This provides unlimited access for a period of three months. Users can re-register as often as they wish for additional payments of the $25 USD fee.

How do I use

Everyone’s grief is different. You may find certain topics and sections speak more strongly to you at different times as you move through grief and your needs change. There are nine sections to choose from; each includes text and video clips. You may wish to review certain specific topics only, or you may prefer to work through the entire content of, section by section. You can use as many or as few times as you need: decide what works best for you.

Getting started

When you arrive at, you see a series of images and titles part way down the page. These are the nine sections you can explore. Once you have made your selection, you will be taken to a login screen and asked to provide a username, password and your postal code. Once the login is completed, you will arrive at the beginning of the section. From there, you can choose to work through the section from start to finish or go straight to specific topics of interest. You can stop at any time and your place in the course will be saved.

What will I find when I click on a section?

When you first click on a section, you will be taken to a title page that allows you to start moving through On the bottom right-hand corner you will find the “Begin” button. Click on that button to start. The arrow buttons allow you to move forward or backward through the section a page at a time. On the top right-hand corner is a drop-down menu.

This lets you go directly to a specific topic rather than working through the section a page at a time. By clicking on a topic, you will be taken directly to that page. Use the drop-down menu at any time to move around the section.

Some of the pages are interactive. Choose from a list of topics and text will appear, providing more information. To select a video, click on the button to start and a larger version will open. Click the red button or the X to close the video.

What if I start feeling strong emotions?

If the content brings up uncomfortably strong emotions, you may wish to stop and return to the content later. If you are feeling extreme distress, please contact your health provider or go to Emergency at your nearest hospital. If you wish to connect with a professional about the content, select our Ask a Professional feature and post a question. A member of the Canadian Virtual Hospice team will respond within three business days not including Canadian statutory holidays. Our Discussion Forums feature provides a safe, welcoming place to find support from people who have “been there.” These forums are professionally moderated and, by using a username, your identity is protected.

What is the survey and rating system at the end of the sections?

Your feedback helps us to improve The survey at the end of each section has four questions and takes about two minutes to complete. You are asked to rate your experience on a scale of 1 to 5 (with 1 being not helpful and 5 very helpful). Your response tells us what is working well and what needs to be improved. It will guide changes and updates to the content and also informs our funders about the impact of their investment.

Can I use on my cellphone or tablet? is compatible with all platforms. You can scroll through it using cellphones, tablets and personal computers. It has been tested in all browsers. While we have made every effort to ensure a positive user experience, we know that technical difficulties can occur. If you have trouble accessing, logging in, or with any of the content, please contact There is no charge for technical support for

What if I have questions?

If you have questions regarding the content, you can use our Ask a Professional feature. A member of the Canadian Virtual Hospice team will respond within 3 business days not including Canadian statutory holidays.

Technical problems: If you have any technical problems with the course, contact

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