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Discussion Forums

At Canadian Virtual Hospice's Discussion Forums you'll find a safe place to connect with caring people who are in the same situation. Share experiences and find support. To join, an email address, postal code and screen name of your choice are all that's needed. You can view discussions without becoming a member.

Ask a Professional

Canadians can ask questions to Canadian Virtual Hospice's team of health experts. Your questions are confidential and responses are provided within 3 business days at no cost. A valid email address (to send you notification that your response is available on our secure server) and postal code are required.

Frequently Asked Questions

Canadian Virtual Hospice has compiled common questions about grief and answers to these issues. Click on the question to read the answer on the Virtual Hospice website.

Is it normal not to cry after someone close has died?Read more …

My brother just died and the holiday season is coming. How can we cope?Read more …

My husband died suddenly about a year ago. I'm still having trouble sleeping and I just wish the pain would end. Can you die from a broken heart?Read more …

Our family is helping to care for our mother who's dying. My sister seems very angry that our mother is dying. Is this a normal part of the grieving process?Read more …

Our father died a few months ago, leaving only my sister and me in our immediate family. My sister was very close to Dad and spent lots of time with him. I am concerned about her. How do I know the difference between grief and depression?Read more …

Books, links and videos

The Canadian Virtual Hospice website has lists of books, online resources, videos and other information about expected loss and grief.
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