Contributors and partners

We are thankful to those who gave their time to develop this module, including those who were interviewed and provided content review.

We are grateful to those who generously shared very personal stories to assist others during this difficult time of life. Thank you to the experts who also shared their wisdom.

Who developed

Development Team

Dr. Joshua Black - BC

Karen Campbell - ON

Keith Dow, PhD - ON

Jasmine Duckworth - ON

Mike Goldberg - MB

Cara Grosset, MSW, PhD, RSW, CT - ON

Janice Nesbitt, CNS - MB

Ann Fudge Schormans, PhD - ON

Andrew David Terhoch - MB

Cheryl Zinyk - NS

Video Contributors

Karen Campbell - ON

Cara Grosset, MSW, PhD, RSW, CT - ON

Claire Henderson - NS

Chris MacKinnon, PhD OPQ - QC

Fred Nelson, MSW RSW - MB

* 2 people who participated in telephone interviews