Chapter 3: Symptoms and health concerns

Pain – What is it and what may cause it

Her pain was pretty well managed, but one of things we didn’t know was why she’d feel so tired or even a little nauseated after they adjusted her pain pills. After a couple days it would go away, but if you don’t know that can happen, it can be a little scary.

Pain is the unpleasant experience a person has when their body is hurt. It is one of the ways the body tells someone that there’s a problem. Many different problems can cause pain such as injuries, arthritis, or serious diseases like cancer. Everyone experiences pain differently. Pain may be a part of serious illnesses; however, most pain can be well controlled outside of a hospital environment. If pain is not treated, a person may experience difficulty interacting with friends and family, feel isolated, be unable to eat or sleep, and become depressed.

What causes pain

There are many reasons why someone may experience pain. Click below to see some of the reasons.