Chapter 3: Symptoms and health concerns

Dehydration – What can help

I remember our mom wanting her favourite Chapstick whenever she was awake but not wanting anything else. When the nurse told us that was normal, I think we all felt a sense of relief. The nurse gave us some swabs for Mom’s mouth, and I think we felt better doing something for her.

Below are some of the things the healthcare provider may try. Click on each for more information.

What the healthcare provider can do

What families can do

Family members are sometimes asked about if they want to keep providing fluids to a person who is dying. This decision can be more difficult if there is no healthcare directive and if the wishes of the patient are unknown.

Click on each suggestion below to read more about giving fluids.

Avoid giving fluids to people who are not able to swallow safely.

Avoid forcing someone to drink fluids.

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