Chapter 1: Coping with your anger

Stories about coping with anger

Here are 3 stories about grieving people facing their fears.  As you read them, consider if you can use any of their coping methods.

You won't believe how short tempered I have become. It is coming out in my driving in particular. I used to be the most courteous driver on the road and now I am so aggressive. It sometimes scares me that I may hurt someone, but it seems to be more powerful than me. I keep asking myself: how do I stop this?

I told this story to a close friend and she said that I needed to address this quickly.

When she told me that, it really got my attention. I decided to consult with a counsellor who asked me why I thought this might be happening.

Through our conversations, I came to realize that the driving was a symptom of a problem. I have always been an angry person, everyone used to say so. My anger is just much more elevated now. The counsellor helped me realize that I do have some control in how I am responding to my anger.