Chapter 4: Coping with your sadness

Understanding your sadness

I've been there
Dianne discusses coping with being sad and lonely.(3:22)Video transcript

Like all emotions, sadness has lessons for us. For example, it can teach us to put greater value on the good times in life - those we have enjoyed in the past as well as those in the present moment. It is helpful to remember that deep feelings of sadness generally lessen over time.

Sometimes sadness becomes so extreme that people think about harming themselves or ending their lives. Suicidal thoughts can be very frightening. They usually mean we see no way to face life's challenges. Suicidal feelings typically disappear once we learn ways to cope with loss. A health care professional can help you with this.

Icon of physicianIf you ever think about ending your life, talk to your family doctor or a mental health professional, or call a 24-hour crisis hotline. In an emergency, call 911.