Chapter 4: Coping with your sadness

What is sadness?

I've been there
Bonnie shares the impacts of replaying difficult times over and over again.(3:22)Video transcript

Sadness includes a range of feelings:

  • Mildly blue, down or low
  • Dejected or demoralized
  • Hopeless or despairing
  • Having thoughts of self-harm or suicide

Why do I feel so sad all the time?

You might be feeling sad for many different reasons. Often sadness will hit you more deeply after the initial shock of loss wears off, and you realize how different your life is without the person who died.

You might be realizing just how many things you have lost. You might feel sorrow when you think about the loss of a future with the person who died.

You can also feel down when you think about missed chances. You might have missed the chance to make some peace with someone before his or her death.