Chapter 1

How can I be kinder to myself?

The grief expert says
Fred Nelson, social worker, talks about our expectations of grief and healing.(3:22)Video transcript

Making yourself a priority after the death of someone important to you can be difficult. It can be easier to put your own emotional and physical health last.  

Why it is that we have such a hard time being kind to ourselves? So often it seems we do the opposite of what we know is in our best interest.

You may have made plans to take care of yourself but find it hard to stick to your good intentions.

Our plans Our reality
I am going to start working out regularly this year. I get the membership to the gym and only go once.
I am going to eat better. I continue to eat poorly.
I am going to stop getting into difficult relationships. I start another relationship that I know doesn’t work but I can’t seem to help it.
I am going to start saying no at work to unreasonable demands. I take on even more projects and can’t find the words to say no.
I am tired of feeling depressed. I am going to get some counselling. I never find the time to go.