Chapter 4: Impact on family and friends


I've been there
Heather shares about the sense that the world keeps ticking even after a family has experienced a loss.(3:22)Video transcript

Ongoing loss experienced by siblings is not well understood. After a death, if parents become consumed with their own grief, the impacts trickle to the other children and their grief can be compounded.

There were times when my sister’s friends were more comforting to me than my other sisters and my brother.

Depending on the circumstances, there may be many other people who have been impacted by your sibling’s death. Each of these individuals had a unique relationship with your brother or sister who died, and their grief will reflect that.

Even when a group of people are all grieving a single death, not everyone will grieve in the same way at the same time. These differences can sometimes lead to disagreements, confusion, and hurt feelings. For example, one person may tell another, “You shouldn’t feel that way” or “Don’t say that.” This can shut someone down or be very frustrating for them, which can make grieving more difficult.