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I've been there
Bonnie speaks about being alone for the first time.(3:22)Video transcript
Bonnie describes grief as being at the epicenter of an earthquake.(3:22)Video transcript

We all form attachments - to places, pets, work and, most importantly, to people. We live in a world of losses, however, and sometimes these attachments are broken.

These losses steadily build throughout our lives. While we can avoid thinking about them, eventually they catch up in a deeply personal way.

For example, the death of someone close to us can be heartbreaking. Our life can stop making sense. Grieving this death can affect not only our emotions but also our thinking, behaviour, and physical well-being. This loss can be one of the most difficult events of our life.

This section will help you understand what grief is. It will also point out signs that you may need help to cope with your grief.