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Am I actually gaining a new perspective or am I just too tired to even feel much about anything?

If you’ve been on an airplane, you’ve likely seen the safety demonstration that says to “put on your own oxygen mask before assisting someone else.” Some people suggest that caregivers think about their situation the same way and that they take the same safety measures: before you can help someone with their mask, you need to put yours on. 

Many caregivers do not realize that, in order to take care of someone, they first need to take care of themselves. When you think about it, how can you look after someone if you are exhausted? 

We sometimes forget that those we are caring for are watching us do things for them. It is possible that they will start feeling guilty that their caregivers are feeling burdened. Your physical and emotional exhaustion may cause them stress. Ultimately, you might become unable to care for your loved one.

This module will discuss looking after your health and needs while caring for someone else, and will offer helpful suggestions and tools. These include:

  • Resources and research options if you are considering taking time off work.
  • Basic tips that can remind you about your self-care needs.
  • Ideas for your own health and safety as the patient’s needs increase.
  • Suggestions for managing stress and dealing with anger the person who is ill may express.