Module summary


I like the idea of looking after myself while caring for my wife. The reality? How?

The following resources will provide additional helpful information on the following topics.


Caregiver module series: Module 3 – Preparing for caregiving at home, Chapter 2: It takes a village: Family and friends and Chapter 3: Getting organized and Chapter 4: Financial assistance.


Caring for yourself

Communicating with the patient

Sleep and caregivers

Resource Guide for Supporting Caregivers at home


Crisis line

Caregiving Associations Across Canada

Alberta: Caregivers Alberta

British Columbia: Family Caregivers of BC 

Nova Scotia: Caregivers Nova Scotia 


Ontario Caregivers Organization

Young Caregivers Association

Quebec: L’Appui pour les proches aidants



Saskatchewan: Caregiver Information and Support Centre

*Additionally, the following provinces and territories offer resources and guides.

Manitoba: Information and Reference Guide

New Brunswick: Caregivers’ Guide



Newfoundland and Labrador: Information for Seniors, Families, and Caregivers

Northwest Territories: The NWT Caregivers Guide

Nunavut:  Home and Continuing Care

Yukon Territory: Caregiver’s Support Group

Prince Edward Island: Caring for Aging Parents 

Government Programs

Federal programs

Compassionate Care Benefits

Income tax credits

Veterans Affairs of Canada (VAC) Programs

Provincial/Territorial Programs

National Programs and Services and Disease Based Organizations

Canada Food Guide